Who Are yafla?

yafla is the federally registered, incorporated business under which Dennis Forbes, with occasional subcontracted assistance, provides consulting and software development services (include intellectual property for industry leaders). It’s also a convenient name / domain / service to publish mobile applications and solutions (though intellectual property rights are licensed and remain with the author).

Gallus, for instance. Released just over a year ago, and doing what several very large technology companies claimed was impossible (Facebook and Microsoft), Gallus has a small but rapidly growing userbase, and is set to explode as video instrumentation (e.g. overlaid environmental and situational data) and machine learning advancements are added in a soon to be unveiled release.

You’ll be hearing the company name a lot soon, or maybe that’s why you’re here right now.


Over a decade ago, Dennis Forbes built a simple color chooser to scratch an itch in selecting and finding appropriate colors for web development.

That app still sees dozens of visits per day (predominately from Spain and Brazil). In many cases users seem to remember the root domain — yafla.com — and then return at a future point and begin searching around in vain to find the color application.


We hope you find it useful.

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Gallus Released to Google Play

The v1.0 release of Gallus, with some minor user interface warts, is currently rolling out to Google Play.

Gallus is an Android video-stabilization and hyperlapse application that is similar to the well-known Hyperlapse application for iOS. It offers an easy to use interface, immediate gratification, and on most devices good to excellent stabilization functionality.

It does what no one else has done on Android. It does what some even claim is impossible.

It does rely upon the accuracy and timeliness of the device hardware, however, and not all hardware can provide a perfect experience. The Nexus 5, for instance, while a wonderful piece of hardware, has gyroscope readings that are not only slight inaccurate, their timeliness varies. I spent dozens of hours and countless video tests trying to optimize for this device to only achieve good, but not excellent results. The Nexus 6p, in contrast, has a superbly accurate gyroscope with close to perfect timing accuracy. It has provided extraordinary results that I am very proud of.

For the fiddler, there are a number of knobs that can optionally be adjusted. For instance if you don’t want the application to zoom in to hide the boundary bars during stabilization, you can disable Smart Zoom and watch the magic. You can generate hyperlapse or stabilized videos to share with your friends and family.

This application will improve rapidly, particularly in the functionality of some of the ancillary screens, and will offer an in-app purchase for advanced functionality.

Note that this is effectively a beta, and there a few rough edges. Please take a look in the preferences as choices there can significantly change the results.

Please give it a try. You may be delighted. Toggle the buttons and change the dials and see what results.

Note: Gallus requires an Android 4.4+ device with a hardware gyroscope, and will not appear for devices that don’t satisfy those criteria.