yafla Inc. is a federally registered Canadian corporation, and was the incorporated liability umbrella under which software development/architecture consulting was performed, primarily in the financial industry. As a simple facet of convenience, and lack of financial impact, its name was borrowed for a zero-revenue mobile application.

As of early 2016, consulting engagements have been halted while the single employee of yafla, Dennis Forbes, works on other ventures in a different business structure.

Keep an eye on Dennis’ blog for upcoming announcements of his initiatives. Keep an eye on yafla to see what happens here.

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Over a decade ago, Dennis Forbes built a simple color chooser to scratch an itch in selecting and finding appropriate colors for web development.

That app still sees dozens of visits per day (predominately from Spain and Brazil). In many cases users seem to remember the root domain — yafla.com — and then return at a future point and begin searching around in vain to find the color application.


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